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Climbing Technology

Climbing Technology 10 or 12mm S/S Ring Hanger

Bolting & Cleaning

Installs vertically, AISI 316L SS.

belay station

Climbing Technology 12mm S/S Belay Station

Bolting & Cleaning

Installs vertically, ideal for limestone.

double ring hanger

Climbing Technology 12mm S/S Double Ring Hanger

Bolting & Cleaning

More rope friendly than a single ring.

Belay Station

Climbing Technology 12mm S/S V Belay Station

Bolting & Cleaning

Nice unit. AISI 316L SS.

CT Nuts

Climbing Technology Carved Chocks Set 1 - 11

Trad Climbing

Highly recommended by UK Climbing. Slightly different sizing to other brands, so make a good second set. Great price.

CT City Rope Bag

Climbing Technology City Rope Bag

Packs, Bags, etc

Rope Bag (22l) with shoulder strap and integrated tarp. Light weight and low bulk, so recommended if you want to have a rope bag you can stuff in your pack on occasion.

Click Up Plus

Climbing Technology Click Up Plus Set

Belay, Ascend & Descend, Pulleys
Bryce’s Choice
New Toys

A superb device, probably one of the safest belay devices out there. This set includes the Concept carabiner. NB: This is the new improved model.

CT Concept Screwgate

Climbing Technology Concept Screwgate Carabiner

Carabiners, Connectors & Quickdraws

A nice sized belay carabiner.
Larger than the Attache, smaller than the William.

CT Concept

Climbing Technology Concept SGL HC Screwgate Carabiner

Carabiners, Connectors & Quickdraws

A heavy duty belay carabiner, ideal for instructors, groups, or if you just want hard wearing.

CT Cylinder Chalk Bag

Climbing Technology Cylinder Chalk Bag

Chalk, Chalk Bags & Tape

A really nice bag, I like this one. Comes in a choice of four colours.

CT Finger Saver Tape

Climbing Technology Finger Tape 1.5cm

Chalk, Chalk Bags & Tape

Great value, slightly wider than the thin (1.25cm) Beal tape.

glue in anchor

Climbing Technology Glue In Anchor Long

Bolting & Cleaning
New Toys

A nice length for softer rock.

CT Bent wiregate carabiner

Climbing Technology Lime Wiregate Carabiner Bentgate

Carabiners, Connectors & Quickdraws

Quite big, yet light. The bent gate is quite unusual for a wiregate, certainly makes clipping the rope very easy.

nut tool

Climbing Technology Nut Tool

Trad Climbing

Hex housing fits 10mm bolts.

CT Steel Screwgate

Climbing Technology Pillar Steel Screwgate Carabiner

Carabiners, Connectors & Quickdraws

A really useful carabiner, good to use for setting up a top rope with slings, as the extra weight makes it hang well and they wear well. Being oval you can put two back to back for added security and they sit well.

CT Steel Triplock

Climbing Technology Pillar Steel Triple Lock Carabiner

Carabiners, Connectors & Quickdraws

An even safer version of the screwgate.
Zinc plated for extra corrosion protection.


Climbing Technology Roll N Lock

Belay, Ascend & Descend, Pulleys
New Toys

It's a pulley, rope clamp, progress capture and ascender all in one device.