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neutrino rack pack

Black Diamond Neutrino Rackpack (6pk)

Carabiners, Connectors & Quickdraws

A great value set of carabiners, colour matched, work out at only $13.16 each, now stocking the new 2018 model.

BD Oz Alpine Quickdraw

Black Diamond Oz Alpine Quickdraw

Carabiners, Connectors & Quickdraws
Bryce’s Choice

Configure as either a 20cm or 30cm draw that can extend to 60cm.
An absolute necessity for long wandering routes. I tend to carry more of these on long multi-pitch routes than I do ordinary draws.

DMM Bandolier

DMM Bandolier

Slings & Webbing

A good solid adjustable unit. I like the large D for racking wires.

DMM Bat Rigging Plate

DMM Bat Rigging Plate

Belay, Ascend & Descend, Pulleys

So light and small, really no reason not to carry one when multi-pitching. Particularly useful if climbing with inexperienced partners, or if there is three in the party. A recommended piece of kit.

perfect o

DMM Perfect O Straight Gate Carabiner

Carabiners, Connectors & Quickdraws

Buy individually, or buy the multi-pack. The best racking biner I've seen.

Metolius Adjustable Gear Sling

Metolius Adjustable Gear Sling with Double D Attachment

Slings & Webbing

The best bandolier out there.

Metolius FS Mini

Metolius FS Mini 2 - Jet Set

Carabiners, Connectors & Quickdraws

My favorite carabiner for trad climbing. Very light and no bulk to them.
NB: These are small and take some getting used to.

Metolius Multi Loop Gear Sling

Metolius Multi Loop Gear Sling with Double D Attachment

Slings & Webbing

The multi loop helps keep track of what you've used. The D Attachment adds extra space and balances the load.

Wild Country  Leash

Wild Country Tool Leash

Trad Climbing

Great for nut tool, wire brush or whatever else you don't want to lose.