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COVID-19 UPDATE: We are now registered to ship training gear.

This includes fingerboards, holds, chalk, tape, hardware to hang rock rings etc. Our physical shop remains closed, all items will be couriered.

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Slack Line

Aspiring Slack Line Kit

Extras & Accessories

NZ made (20m of 25mm tubular webbing) and made to last. Has a nice tensioning system that doesn't require knots and is easy to take down. Everything needed is included in the kit.


Black Diamond Forearm Trainer

Training Aids & Holds

Something to play with in the office, it does work! Used to use an old tennis ball back in the day.

Metolius GripSaver Plus

Metolius GripSaver Plus

Training Aids & Holds

Works individual fingers if necessary and the opposing finger action is better for injured hands.

Rock Rings

Metolius Rock Rings 3D

Training Aids & Holds

Probably the best one training aid out there for your first one.