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Black Diamond 11 Hex

Black Diamond 11 Hex

Trad Climbing

A bigger size than the biggest WC or DMM hex.

BD Micro Stoppers

Black Diamond Micro Stoppers

Trad Climbing

Great! They don't tend to pull through the rock as the brass ones do.

Black Diamond offset micro stoppers set

Black Diamond Offset Micro Stopper Set 1-6

Trad Climbing

Probably the best small nut out there. Comes with free carabiner. Over the years I have taken a number of falls on the smaller sizes, although it's not recommended. Any nut is better than no nut!

BD Offset Micro Stoppers

Black Diamond Offset Micro Stoppers

Trad Climbing

Makes a great companion to the ordinary micro stoppers. Don't know why offsets aren't more popular, I use mine all the time.

offset stoppers

Black Diamond Offset Stopper Set 7-11

Trad Climbing

Should be a useful nut, quite different from the DMM offset. If you're after two sets of offsets I'd suggest one of each.

Black Diamond Stopper Set

Black Diamond Stopper Set 4-13

Trad Climbing

A good price for 10 stoppers, comes with a free carabiner.

Black Diamond Stopper Set

Black Diamond Stopper Set 5-11

Trad Climbing

A good, cheap starter set.

Black Diamond Hexentric Set

Black Diamond Wired Hexentric Set 4-10

Trad Climbing

Covers all the key sizes and comes with a free carabiner.

CT Nuts

Climbing Technology Carved Chocks Set 1 - 11

Trad Climbing

Highly recommended by UK Climbing. Slightly different sizing to other brands, so make a good second set. Great price.

DMM Alloy Offsets

DMM Alloy Offsets Set 5 Sizes

Trad Climbing
Bryce’s Choice

The best and most useful nuts ever made, I've never used anything better. Buy two sets!

DMM Brass Offsets

DMM Brass Offsets Set 7 Sizes

Trad Climbing

These excel if you want small, real small.

perfect o

DMM Perfect O Straight Gate Carabiner

Carabiners, Connectors & Quickdraws

Buy individually, or buy the multi-pack. The best racking biner I've seen.

DMM Torque Nuts

DMM Torque Nuts Set 4 Sizes

Trad Climbing

Takes the humble hex to the next level.

DMM Wallnuts

DMM Wallnuts Set 11 Sizes

Trad Climbing

No better stopper type nut out there.

Wild Country Rockcentrics

Wild Country Rockcentrics Set 7 Sizes

Trad Climbing

A classic, very popular set. No one buys straight sided stoppers, so why buy straight sided hexes?