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5 step etriers

Aspiring 5 Step Etriers

Slings & Webbing

Great priced and NZ made (imports up to $80 each). Support a NZ climbing business.

harness xl

Aspiring Adventure Harness XL


Ideal for the larger person wanting to belay or top-rope.

Aspiring Anchor Chain

Aspiring Anchor Chain

Slings & Webbing

An absolute essential. Better than any other ones out there. The 1.25m is the most popular length.

Back up prusik

Aspiring Back-up Prusik

Personal Safety

A nice clean unit, a choice of three lengths.
NOTE: All 3 lengths are BLUE.

Aspiring Bolt Bag

Aspiring Bolt Bag 4L

Bolting & Cleaning

Big and deep enough for bolts, hangers, blow tube, small brush, drill bits, spanner etc. Secure closure.


Aspiring Bolt Bucket 8L

Packs, Bags, etc

Good size with great proportions. Multiple uses.


Aspiring Bouldering Brush


A good solid brush with natural bristles. Comes with a small keeper 3mm cord loop.


Aspiring Bouldering Pot


Made in NZ, nice design, bomb proof.

Aspiring Brush Bucket

Aspiring Brush Bag 7L

Packs, Bags, etc

Deep enough for the standard wire brush, just the right size for your collection of brushes, folding saws etc.

chalk bag

Aspiring Chalk Bag Sloth

Chalk, Chalk Bags & Tape

Made in New Zealand! Comes with a belt. Note: Colour is more brown than photo.


Aspiring Coil Brush Rope Washer

Ropes & Cordage

Large grip and hard bristles.

Aspiring Double Cowstail

Aspiring Cowstail - Double

Slings & Webbing

The double version of the popular 80cm single.


Aspiring Cowstail - Single

Slings & Webbing

Still have their place - comes in four lengths.

drink bottle holder

Aspiring Drink Bottle Holder

Extras & Accessories

Robust canvas material, comes in two sizes.


Aspiring Dynamic 11mm Lanyard (Cowstail)

Personal Safety

A strong 20kN lanyard.

dynamin anchor chain

Aspiring Dynamic Anchor Chain 100cm

Personal Safety

If being used for anything other than sitting on bolts using a dynamic chain is a good idea.

10mm slings

Aspiring Dyneema 10mm Slings

Slings & Webbing

Less bulk than the 13mm, more suited for runners than anchors. A choice of lengths.


Aspiring Dyneema 13mm Slings

Slings & Webbing

Nice, wide, lightweight dyneema slings. Made in New Zealand.


Aspiring Grip and Forearm Training Ring

Training Aids & Holds

Softer and smaller than the BD version. Buy individually, or as a set.


Aspiring Nylon 16mm Slings

Slings & Webbing

A nice soft sling, made in NZ.

sewn sling

Aspiring Nylon 25mm Slings Tubular

Slings & Webbing

The classic NZ sewn sling.

polyester slings

Aspiring Polyester Slings 25mm Tubular

Slings & Webbing

Less stretch than nylon and absorbs less water, plus it has a higher UV factor. Choice of lengths.

Purcell Prusik

Aspiring Purcell Prusik

Personal Safety

Nice as an adjustable personal safety, practice with this somewhere safe before first use.
NB: Colours may differ from photo. 110cm now pink

gear bag

Aspiring PVC Gear Bag Easy Access 50L or 100L

Packs, Bags, etc

Available in FOUR colours. Easy access zip, solid construction and a great price.

rope bag

Aspiring PVC Rope Bag 20L

Packs, Bags, etc

Long, thin rope bag, ideal for rope management.

Aspiring Rope Bucket

Aspiring PVC Rope Bucket 25L

Packs, Bags, etc

A robust, good sized bag, with multiple uses.
NOTE: Bag is light blue

Aspiring Rope Bucket

Aspiring PVC Rope Bucket 40L

Packs, Bags, etc

Great for ropes or hauling tools or cams around.
NOTE: Bag is red.


Aspiring PVC Rope Bucket 60L

Packs, Bags, etc

Made in New Zealand. Very robust.

Ratchet Prusik

Aspiring Ratchet Prusik

Personal Safety

Useful as a sub 10mm single rope auto block as well as its intended use as a ratchet prusik.

Slack Line

Aspiring Slack Line Kit

Extras & Accessories

NZ made (20m of 25mm tubular webbing) and made to last. Has a nice tensioning system that doesn't require knots and is easy to take down. Everything needed is included in the kit.


Aspiring Snow Stake with Caps

Alpine Equipment

An outstanding classic that has stood the test of time. Available in three styles - without cable, galvanised steel cable or dyneema cable.

Aspiring Gear Bucket

Aspiring Soft Gear Buckets 8L

Packs, Bags, etc

Organize gear into useful, easy to sort parcels.
A soft bag makes packing simple.

Standard Prusik - yellow

Aspiring Standard Prusik

Personal Safety

The sewn join makes for a nice clean catch free prusik. 3 lengths 70cm,120cm and 165cm
NOTE: 70 & 120 yellow,

Aspiring Tool Bucket

Aspiring Tool Bucket 12L

Packs, Bags, etc

Really well made and a useful size.


Aspiring Watertight Drum 6L

Extras & Accessories

Numerous uses - keep stuff dry, keep pests away from food, store bolts / hangers, batteries, chalk etc.


Aspiring Webelet Dyneema (Open Ended Sling or Equaliser)

Anchor Slings & Cordelettes

A dyneema version of the nylon webelet.