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Aspiring Bolt Bag

Aspiring Bolt Bag 4L

Bolting & Cleaning

Big and deep enough for bolts, hangers, blow tube, small brush, drill bits, spanner etc. Secure closure.


Aspiring Bolt Bucket 8L

Packs, Bags, etc

Good size with great proportions. Multiple uses.

Aspiring Brush Bucket

Aspiring Brush Bag 7L

Packs, Bags, etc

Deep enough for the standard wire brush, just the right size for your collection of brushes, folding saws etc.

drink bottle holder

Aspiring Drink Bottle Holder

Extras & Accessories

Robust canvas material, comes in two sizes.

gear bag

Aspiring PVC Gear Bag Easy Access 50L or 100L

Packs, Bags, etc

Available in FOUR colours. Easy access zip, solid construction and a great price.

Aspiring Rope Bucket

Aspiring PVC Rope Bucket 25L

Packs, Bags, etc

A robust, good sized bag, with multiple uses.
NOTE: Bag is light blue

Aspiring Rope Bucket

Aspiring PVC Rope Bucket 40L

Packs, Bags, etc

Great for ropes or hauling tools or cams around.
NOTE: Bag is red.


Aspiring PVC Rope Bucket 60L

Packs, Bags, etc

Made in New Zealand. Very robust.

Aspiring Gear Bucket

Aspiring Soft Gear Buckets 8L

Packs, Bags, etc

Organize gear into useful, easy to sort parcels.
A soft bag makes packing simple.

Aspiring Tool Bucket

Aspiring Tool Bucket 12L

Packs, Bags, etc

Really well made and a useful size.


Aspiring Watertight Drum 6L

Extras & Accessories

Numerous uses - keep stuff dry, keep pests away from food, store bolts / hangers, batteries, chalk etc.

bucket lid

Beal Genius Bucket Hat


Fits the Genuis Bucket Plus.

tool bucket

Beal Genius Bucket Plus

Packs, Bags, etc

20 litre bucket, big enough to hold most everything you'd want.


Beal Genius Triple

Packs, Bags, etc

Many uses, great for route setters, industrial abseiling, fencing etc. Simple, quick open / close system.

transport bag

Beal Pro Work Bag

Packs, Bags, etc

The name says it all. Choice of three sizes. Surprisingly comfortable to carry and heaps of features.

mondo chalk pot

Black Diamond Mondo Chalk Pot

Chalk, Chalk Bags & Tape

One of the better buckets I've seen. Magnetic closure, quick, easy and effective.
NOTE: The repo (repurposed) comes in assorted colours from offcuts.

Stubby Haul Bag

Black Diamond Stubby Haul Bag

Big Wall

Great value, can be used as a pack, rope bucket and as a second haul bag.

Touchstone Haul Bag

Black Diamond Touchstone Haul Bag

Big Wall

Great value for money and at 70L makes a bullet-proof crag pack.

Black Diamond Zion Haul Bag

Black Diamond Zion Haul Bag

Big Wall

Hauling is something you need to practice, so buy in NZ and get it dialed before you jump on a plane. Loading and unloading while hanging takes time and practice.

tool bag

DMM Tool Bag

Packs, Bags, etc

Four handy gear loops, two inside and two outside. Available in two sizes.


Metolius Big Wall Bucket 27L

Packs, Bags, etc

Great storage bin or rope bucket.


Metolius Big Wall Stuff Sacks Medium 15L

Packs, Bags, etc

Heavy duty, sort your gear and makes a great tote bag.


Petzl Bucket 25L (Polyester)

Packs, Bags, etc

Upright, freestanding bucket.


Petzl Cord-Tec Pouch

Packs, Bags, etc

Brightly coloured, suitable for most small items. Will not fit all crampons.

Petzl Fakir

Petzl Fakir Crampon Bag

Extras & Accessories

Petzl toiletry bag, can also be used for crampons.

rope tarp

Petzl Tarp

Ropes & Cordage

Really handy not only for the rope, but for sorting gear, picnicking etc.

Rock Empire Cargo Bag

Rock Empire 35L Cargo Bag

Packs, Bags, etc

Rope bag or gear bag. Haul strap, adjustable back straps and two sturdy carry handles makes for a very versatile bag.

Rock Empire Cargo reep

Rock Empire Cargo Reep Bag

Packs, Bags, etc

Nice bright colour. Nylon sleeve closure with draw cord. Two sizes.

canyon bag

Sterling Blitz Canyon Bag

Packs, Bags, etc

Nice bag, has a removeable floatation pad.