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Wild Country

WC Friend

Wild Country Friends

Trad Climbing

Great features including a thumb loop, extendable sling and a wider, raw biting edge. Same sizes and colours as Camalots and Dragons.

Wild Country Grand Illusion Chalk Bag

Wild Country Grand Illusion Chalkbag

Chalk, Chalk Bags & Tape

Has a handy zip pocket for your finger tape etc.

Wild Country Pro Key

Wild Country Pro Key Nut Tool

Trad Climbing

The nicest nut tool out there.

Wild Country Pro Key with Leash

Wild Country Pro Key Nut Tool with Leash

Trad Climbing

The only nut tool with a leash and it's the nicest nut tool out there.

Wild Country Rockcentrics

Wild Country Rockcentrics Set 7 Sizes

Trad Climbing

A classic, very popular set. No one buys straight sided stoppers, so why buy straight sided hexes?


Wild Country Ropeman 2

Belay, Ascend & Descend, Pulleys

A small and very grabby device, small teeth should make it less likely to damage a rope.

Wild Country  Leash

Wild Country Tool Leash

Trad Climbing

Great for nut tool, wire brush or whatever else you don't want to lose.