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Fixe 8mm SS Chain (4 links)

Bolting & Cleaning

Better than galv chain in high corrosion environments.

alien cam

Fixe Alien Revolution Cam - Black

Trad Climbing

The black is my favourite Alien, other sizes available on request.

Fixe Belay Station

Fixe Belay Station PLX SS

Bolting & Cleaning

Best use is on layered limestone, but can be used anywhere. Choice of 10mm or 12mm. PLX is Fixe's name for HCR - see features.


Fixe Canyon 10mm Static Rope

Ropes & Cordage

Lightweight, 10mm diameter is a popular size. This rope has a wide range of uses: canyoning / abseiling / top roping / river rescue and height safety. Sold by the metre as well as 50 & 66m lengths. The 66m length works well in conjunction with a 60m dynamic.


Fixe Endurance 9.5mm Static Rope

Ropes & Cordage

An ideal diameter for use with rock climbing devices. Soft handling and hard wearing. For: rock climbing / canyoning / river rescue etc.

expansion bolt

Fixe Expansion Bolts PLX 10mm x 90mm

Bolting & Cleaning

Stainless PLX - High Corrosion Resistant


Fixe Glue In Bolt PLX 10mm x 150mm

Bolting & Cleaning

These are the longest glue in's I have seen.


Fixe Jungle 9.6 x 60m Rope

Ropes & Cordage

A cheap rope ideal for entry level, occasional climbers, or those looking for an inexpensive work rope.

keyhole hanger

Fixe Keyhole Hanger - 10mm

Bolting & Cleaning

I keep one or two in the bottom of my chalk bag. Surprising how many naked bolts are still around. Must be used with a full sized solid gate carabiner.


Fixe Rainbow 9.6mm x 60m Rope

Ropes & Cordage

An eye catching rope, very photogenic.

Fixe Ring Hanger

Fixe Ring Anchor PLX SS

Bolting & Cleaning

Used as a pair they make a nice clean, unobtrusive anchor station. Choice of 10 or 12mm. PLX is Fixe's name for HCR - see features.


Fixe V Chain Belay Station 10mm SS

Bolting & Cleaning

An alternative to the vertically installed belay station. Easier to pull the rope through.