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Anchor Slings & Cordelettes

aspiring rope sling

Aspiring Dynamic Rope Slings

Slings & Webbing
New Toys

Great for heavy duty use.

Aspiring Webelet

Aspiring Webelet (Open Ended Sling or Equaliser)

Slings & Webbing

Make an equalised anchor easily. Can be used in several different ways.

Beal 7mm Cord

Beal 7mm Cord Pre-Cut

Anchor Slings & Cordelettes

Comes in two pre-cut lengths - 6m and 10m, great for making anchors.


Black Diamond 13mm Dynex Rabbit Runner

Slings & Webbing

Allows for easier girth hitching and less tangle than a sling.

Blue Water Cord

Blue Water Pre Cut Cord 10m

Anchor Slings & Cordelettes

A handy length, comes in random colours, contact us if you have a preference. 7mm & 8mm are ideal for anchors.

DMM Bat Rigging Plate

DMM Bat Rigging Plate XS

Belay, Ascend & Descend, Pulleys

So light and small, really no reason not to carry one when multi-pitching. Particularly useful if climbing with inexperienced partners, or if there is three in the party. A recommended piece of kit.

Edelrid Tech Web Sling

Edelrid Tech Web Slings 12mm

Slings & Webbing

Combines nylon with dyneema. End result - 40% lighter than nylon, abrasion resistant and holds a knot better. A good anchor sling, comes in 4 lengths.


Edelweiss 5.5mm Aramid Cord

Ropes & Cordage

My favorite cord for cordelettes or re-slinging nuts etc. Strong with little bulk. Needs to be tied with a triple fisherman's knot.


Edelweiss 5.5mm Aramid Cordelette (12m)

Anchor Slings & Cordelettes

Great for slinging large rocks, or extending the rope over the edge. NB: Colour now RED.


Edelweiss 5.5mm Aramid Cordelette (7m)

Anchor Slings & Cordelettes

Very strong and very little bulk, my favorite cord for anchors. Made from 7m of cord - closed loop 3.4m.
CORDELETTES NOW RED - new photo coming.

Edelweiss 7mm Cord

Edelweiss 7mm (Dynamic Core) Cord per metre

Ropes & Cordage

Ideal for cordelettes, abseiling, anchors etc as it is a little more forgiving than static.

Edelweiss 7mm Cord

Edelweiss 7mm (Dynamic Core) Cord Pre-Cut 7m or 10m

Anchor Slings & Cordelettes

A little bit more forgiving than normal static cord.

rappel ring

Fixe Rappel Ring 10mm PLX S/S

Bolting & Cleaning

Useful for anchors, chain or sling.

16mm webbing

Mouka Tubular Webbing 16mm

Slings & Webbing

We have purple in stock - contact us for other colours.


Mouka Tubular Webbing 25mm

Slings & Webbing

Makes a very cheap slackline. We have red in stock, contact us for other colours.

locking ring

Slacklineshop Stainless Steel 6mm Locker Ring

Slings & Webbing

A lot smaller and lighter than the Fixe ring.