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DMM Wallnuts Set 11 Sizes

DMM Wallnuts
Bryce’s take: 

No better stopper type nut out there.


Wallnuts are a long established favourite across the world. This classic wired nut has a carefully designed shape that gives you the best possible chance of getting a good solid placement every time.

They feature a small groove running vertically up one side of their head. This groove helps them excel at irregular rock types such as limestone and crystallized granite. The groove also makes the nuts more stable, helping them seat better and making them less prone to being pulled out by rope drag or while climbing past them.

DMM Wallnuts are also known to be extremely durable, a result of hot forging the heads of the smaller size nuts. Wallnuts have a larger curve than most, making them among the best at fitting into parallel cracks. 

  • Classic shaped alloy nuts on wire
  • 11 sizes
  • Lighter extruded sizes 7–11
  • Colour coded for easy recognition and compatibility with other brands

Wallnut 1: Weight: 15g, Strength: 7kN, Colour: Purple
Wallnut 2: Weight: 26g, Strength: 9kN, Colour: Green
Wallnut 3: Weight: 28g, Strength: 11kN, Colour: Silver
Wallnut 4: Weight: 30g, Strength: 12kN, Colour: Gold
Wallnut 5: Weight: 32g, Strength: 12kN, Colour: Blue
Wallnut 6: Weight: 39g, Strength: 12kN, Colour: Red
Wallnut 7: Weight: 40g, Strength: 12kN, Colour: Grey
Wallnut 8: Weight: 45g, Strength: 12kN, Colour: Turquoise
Wallnut 9: Weight: 50g, Strength: 12kN, Colour: Gold
Wallnut 10: Weight: 56g, Strength: 12kN, Colour: Silver
Wallnut 11: Weight: 68g, Strength: 12kN, Colour: Green

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