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Maillon Rapide Oval Wide

Maillon Rapide
Bryce’s take: 

The 6mm or 7mm make great bail biners and the 8mm is often used to connect to eye bolts, or adjust the length of chain.
Steel or Stainless Steel.


Wide mouth screw-links are useful when a thick rope or chain needs to be attached, or the extra length of the link is an advantage. Often these are needed to connect to eye-bolts or other anchors, when the thickness of the anchor requires the wider opening.

  • Consider breaking load limit in kN engraved to the rod.
  • Visual check of complete nut screwing compulsory; no thread must be showing.
  • Maillon Rapide quick links are only to be loaded along the major axis.
  • Maillon Rapide quick links should be carefully checked at regular intervals. If you are in any doubt about the safety of a quick link after checking, replace it with a new one.
  • When fastened with a wrench up to the proper tightening torque, Maillon Rapide quick links are considered a permanent connector.
  • Maillon Rapide should always be fitted with parts made of same material.
  • When connected with chain, Maillon Rapide quick links should be of the same diameter.
  • Never connnect any Maillon Rapide quick links onto a lifting chain.
  • Stainless steel Maillon Rapide quick links may be used in salt water.

Zinc Plated Steel
6mm: Weight: 41g, Dimensions: 27 x 70.5mm, PPE: 17.5kN, SWL: 350kgs, Gatewidth: 13mm
7mm: Weight: 60g, Dimensions: 30 x 79mm, PPE: 25kN, SWL: 500kgs, Gatewidth: 16mm
8mm: Weight: 91g, Dimensions: 34 x 88mm, PPE: 33kN, SWL: 650kgs, Gatewidth: 18mm
10mm: Weight: 157g, Dimensions: 44 x 105mm, PPE: 50kN, SWL: 1000kgs, Gatewidth: 20.5mm
12mm: Weight: 268g, Dimensions: 51 x 124mm, PPE: 62kN, SWL: 1250kgs, Gatewidth: 23.5mm
Stainless Steel
3.5mm Wide: Weight: 11g, Internal Dimensions: 10 x 39mm, PPE: 11kN, Gatewidth: 10mm
4mm Wide: Weight: 15g, Internal Dimensions: 20 x 52mm, PPE: 12kN, Gatewidth: 11.5mm
6mm Wide: Weight: 42g, Internal Dimensions: 27 x 71mm, PPE: 29kN, Gatewidth: 14.5mm
7mm Wide: Weight: 61g, Internal Dimensions: 30 x 79mm. PPE: 40kN, Gatewidth: 16mm
8mm Wide: Weight: 85g, Internal Dimensions: 37.5 x 89mm, PPE: 48kN, Gatewidth: 17.5mm

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