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Bolting & Cleaning

Nano Traxion

Petzl Nano Traxion

Belay, Ascend & Descend, Pulleys
New Toys

At 53g it's a lot smaller and lighter than the Micro at 85g, but you can't lock open the cam.

rope protector

Petzl Protec Rope Protector

Ropes & Cordage

New Model. Look after your rope and it will look after you.


Petzl Rocpec (drill bit not included)

Bolting & Cleaning

Handy for the odd bolt or to finish that last hole when your battery dies.

locking ring

Slacklineshop Stainless Steel 6mm Locker Ring

Slings & Webbing

A lot smaller and lighter than the Fixe ring.

anchor bolt 10mm

Spit Wedge Anchors S/S 316L 10mm x 95mm

Bolting & Cleaning

Single high adhesive collar. A good length for a 10mm bolt.


Wurth Wedge Anchor S/S 316 10mm x 90mm

Bolting & Cleaning

A nice length for 10mm bolt.

Wedge Anchor

Wurth Wedge Anchor S/S 316 12mm x 120mm

Bolting & Cleaning

I've preferred the 12mm bolt for 90% of the bolting I've done.


Zenith 8mm Stainless Steel 316 Chain

Bolting & Cleaning

Choice of five lengths.
4 links= approx 130mm,
8 links = approx 260mm.
Contact me for other or extra lengths.