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Back up prusik

Aspiring Back-up Prusik

Personal Safety

A nice clean unit, a choice of three lengths.

Purcell Prusik

Aspiring Purcell Prusik

Personal Safety

Nice as an adjustable personal safety, practice with this somewhere safe before first use.

Ratchet Prusik

Aspiring Ratchet Prusik

Personal Safety

Useful as a sub 10mm single rope auto block as well as its intended use as a ratchet prusik.

Standard Prusik

Aspiring Standard Prusik

Personal Safety

The sewn join makes for a nice clean catch free prusik.


Beal 5mm Prusik

Personal Safety

5mm cord is best for really thin ropes, particularly icy ones or those concerned with weight and bulk.

6mm Prusik

Beal 6mm Prusik

Personal Safety

6mm is the normal diameter prusik that makes up 80 - 90% of our sales.

7mm Prusik

Beal 7mm Prusik

Personal Safety

7mm is ideal for use with 11mm ropes and can also be used for bailing off.

Streling 6mm Auto Block Loop

Sterling 6mm Auto Block Loop

Ropes & Cordage

One of the nicest sewn cord prusiks I've seen.


Sterling Hollow Block 2 Loop

Personal Safety
Bryce’s Choice

Made from aramid (a heat resistant, very strong synthetic fibre) it has excellent gripping power, bites better, highly heat resistant and handles nicely - I would never go back to cord. Two lengths and a choice of colour.