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5mm Prusik

Beal 5mm Prusik

Personal Safety

5mm cord is best for really thin ropes, particularly icy ones or those concerned with weight and bulk.

6mm Prusik

Beal 6mm Prusik

Personal Safety

6mm is the normal diameter prusik that makes up 80 - 90% of our sales.

Beal 7mm Cord

Beal 7mm Cord Pre-Cut

Anchor Slings & Cordelettes

Comes in two pre-cut lengths - 6m and 12m, great for making anchors.

7mm Prusik

Beal 7mm Prusik

Personal Safety

7mm is ideal for use with 11mm ropes and can also be used for bailing off.


Beal Accessory Cord

Ropes & Cordage

Innumerable uses. Really good idea to keep a couple of metres of different sizes in your pack.

Beal dynaconnexion

Beal Dynaconnexion (Dynamic Belay Lanyard)

Personal Safety

A simple safety made with dynamic rope.

Beal dyneema 10mm slings

Beal Dyneema 10mm Slings

Slings & Webbing

An alternative colour choice to other brands.

Beal Dyneema Sling

Beal Dyneema 6mm Slings

Slings & Webbing

My favourite sling, great for extending runners, not recommended for anchors or as bail slings.

Beal tubular 16mm Slings

Beal Nylon Runners

Slings & Webbing

Popular, cheap, different colours from the BD equivalent.

Beal Rope Brush

Beal Rope Brush

Ropes & Cordage

Works well. Price pointed, but a little harder on the hands than the Dobi.


Beal Strap X Finger Tape

Chalk, Chalk Bags & Tape

Best finger tape I've used. Take the pain out of those ignimbrite pockets.