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Beal Accessory Cord

Ropes & Cordage

Innumerable uses. Really good idea to keep a couple of metres of different sizes in your pack.

Blue Water Cord

Blue Water Cord Pre Cut - 10m Lengths

Ropes & Cordage

10m is a handy length, various diameters, comes in random colours. If you have a strong colour preference contact us for options.

Blue Water II++ Static Rope

Blue Water II++ 9.5mm Static Rope by the metre

Ropes & Cordage

Get as little or as much as you want.

Blue Water Titan Cord

Blue Water Titan Cord 5mm

Ropes & Cordage

Dyneema cord. High strength, low elongation, light weight and low bulk. Dyneema does not loose significant strength with repetitive flexing.

Edelweiss Aramid cord

Edelweiss 5.5mm Aramid Cord

Ropes & Cordage

My favorite cord for cordelettes or re-slinging nuts etc. Strong with little bulk. Needs to be tied with a triple fisherman's knot.

Aramid Cordelette

Edelweiss 5.5mm Aramid Cordelette (7m)

Anchor Slings & Cordelettes

Very strong and very little bulk, my favorite cord for anchors. Made from 7m of cord - closed loop 3.4m.

Edelweiss 7mm Cord

Edelweiss 7mm (Dynamic Core) Cord

Ropes & Cordage

Ideal for cordelettes, abseiling, anchors etc as it is a little more forgiving than static.

Petzl Contact

Petzl Contact 9.8mm by the metre

Ropes & Cordage

Buy as much as you like, up to 60 metres.