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Sterling Hollow Block Loop

Sterling Hollow Block
Bryce’s Choice
Bryce’s take: 

Made from aramid (a heat resistant, very strong synthetic fibre) it has excellent gripping power, bites better, highly heat resistant and handles nicely - I would never go back to cord.


Built from Sterling's RIT 900 cord, the Hollow Block 6.8mm is designed to function as a pre-sewn prusik or climb heist. Made with aramid fiber and sewn with Sterling's proprietary sewing pattern, this ultra-strong cord is designed to provide excellent gripping power on climbing ropes with diameters of 7mm or larger.

This product has become very popular as it eiminates bulky knots and saves time in the field.


Material: aramid
Diameter: 6.8 mm
Length: 13.5 in, or 19 in
Strength: 14 kN
Recommended Use: climbing, rescue

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