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Omega Pacific

Omega Pacific Dirtbag Quickdraw

Omega Pacific Dirtbag Quickdraw Rack Pack (6) with FREE carabiner

Carabiners, Connectors & Quickdraws

Handy six pack that comes with a free screwgate carabiner.

Omega Pacific Fig 8

Omega Pacific Figure 8

Belay, Ascend & Descend, Pulleys

Nicely proportioned and the anodizing reduces wear. Better than an ATC when cleaning gear while abseiling as it can be more easily locked off.

Omega Pacific Jake 3 Action

Omega Pacific Jake 3-Stage Quik-Lock Carabiner

Carabiners, Connectors & Quickdraws

The super safe version of the Jake screwgate, with the same side swing gate. Gate pulls down, not pushes away, making it easier to use.